“Alexander McQueen Resort 2011”

To start let me say that i did had high expectations in Sarah Burton at McQueen as she was his left hand (or right, as you want to put it) but then she let me down in some small way. Every time i saw a McQueen collection or show, to be honest I'll dare to say that i got so involved with it that it fulfilled my heart and it made me happy in some sort of way that i still cant express in words. I remember the first time i saw a McQueen fashion show on YouTube, i was about 13 years old (not that I'm old enough), and let me tell you I cried (I'm not kidding, i did cried) as every piece that went down the runway was so unique, so ethereal and so romantic. It was the Spring 2007 collection (the one presented in the Cirque d’Hiver, Paris) and in that moment i fell in love with fashion, and here i am now, writing a post for my blog, a piece of my own heart and soul that I'm giving away so you all can understand me as i try to understand all of you. Well that turned a little bit personal.

Now here are the looks that made me cried during the spring 2007 collection, which was like watching a poem coming to life in a muted but loudly way. (Below)


Now lets talk about the first effort that Sarah Burton did with her resort collection at Alexander McQueen.

The collection itself isn't bad, but we are missing the “WOW” factor we always expected and counted on McQueen to deliver it so we can all be amazed by his vision. Sarah did made used the heritage of the brand adding, of course, her personal touch to the collection that is not bad but.. (God i cant find the words to express how much i miss McQueen).

Below are the looks that did remind me a hint of McQueen.

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Here is the rest of the collection. (below).

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C A N ' T W A I T.


"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #6"

  • Paul Smith: "Less Structered", thats how Tim Blanks reviewed this collection with hints of late sixties. Bohemian-Punk for me, i think you know how much i love Paul Smith since the post i did of the brands fall 2010 show wich i discovered in one of those lazy sunday evenings, and this was no exception as i still like most of the pieces here, specially the tie-dyed look ones and the pussy bows. (Favorite looks below).

  • Hermès: A very bright, light, free collection of new basics, called "Hybrid Clothing" by the houses creative director Veronique Nichanian. Hints of Emerald green appeared in suede leather shirts, and a pair of shoes. Great Collection. (Favorite looks below).

  • Dior Homme: Simpleness at its best, with a printed almost invisble "Lessness" cloth with the invitation, guests must know what Kris Van Assche was up to. I loved the way how the cloth almost levitated as the model walked down the runway, it felt so light and calm. I also loved how the sleeveless tee's/vest/top drapped on every model thin framme, and how casual and de-preocupied everything felt. (Favorite looks below).

  • Balenciaga: "Futuristic Sport" -WWD dot Com review. I could not have said it better, thats the only way to describe this collection. (Favorite looks below).

*sorry if you feel like there is something missing in this post, im not feeling ok right now, im some sort of sick*


"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #5"

  • Yves Saint Laurent: "Stefano Pilati went back to North Africa for his lastest menswear collection..." -Tim Blanks. Saying that, from my point of view i saw an air of indiscreet inspiration of Brad Pitt's character on Inglorious Basterds, well, in certain pieces as the little hats the models wore, the printed sobber suits, many other suits and also from the way the models wore belts. Inspiration flowed also from the american writter, Parker Bowles. (Favorite looks below).

  • Kenzo: "A french artist traveling to Tokio for the first time..." - Tim Blanks. The collection itself was very parisian, hightlightening the famous berets in some looks and the stripped pattern, either vertical or horizontal. Also the watercolor splashes prints on the suits wich looked like smoke was my favorite part from the collection as they looked like a THAT french artist was in the immigration area of Tokio's airport (simple, the transition from France to Tokio). (Favorite looks below).

  • Junya Watanabe: "They're clothes i want to wear next summer" - said the designer. The collection was obviously nautical themmed. From the colors-to the patterns-to the stripes, everythind screamed and shoutted "summer breeze, sea, fun". My favorite look has to be the stripped blazer with the crisp baggy-roulled up blue-yish pants. (Other favorite looks below).

  • John Galliano: "... A tip to Charlie Chaplin's bowler hat to his silent masterpiece, Modern Times..." - Tim Blanks. Another AMAZING and DRAMATIC inspiration here, as soon as the first model walked down the catwalk you were immerse into the Chaplin lifestyle. The collection was a complete show, it gives us a hint of a past but not forgotten era. Were presented traditional pieces in enexpected fabrics, such as the trench coat in silvery-bronced-golden-ish lurex, dropped crotch pants were everywhere, then the collection moved into a very sharp, taillored and refined modern zombies wearing deliciously shapped white suits with small black ribbons and straw hats. And what can we say of such a genius that is John Galliano, he is a real-life walking history book. *ovation*. (Favorite looks below).

  • Givenchy: "... But Tisci's wild card is a juicy stew of raging hormones-in a word, sex. Like every good catholich boy, he dwells in a limbo between piety and lust." - Tim Blanks. Fabrics considered as sin-less or pure like lace were mixed with sexual, hormonals and wild leopard prints, making a balance in what is sex and chastity. I loved the 2 in 1 pieces, making a pant and a blazer look like a jumpsuit. (Favorite looks below).

  • Dries Van Notten: The white shirts with the watercolor splashed to create a haphazard Rorshchach blots were hand painted by a coture atelier in Lake Como, creating such a beautiful piece i would buy and hang it over the wall, the way it see's on the models is amazing so imagine how they would look in real life. Moving from that subject, there also were presented white double-brested suits with either shorts or long pants, snow washes denim, pink-ish-salmos colored blazer and pants. (Favorite looks below).

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"Feel free to Scream"

Collection of amazing photographs i found in one of those nights of insomnia.

Source: Fashion Gone Rouge.

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