"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #4"

  • Louis Vuitton: "The collection according to Marc and Paul Helbergs was globetrotting via internet" -WWD. It's very earthy, very globetrotting as i said above. Something important is that the collection is very, VERY wearable. Again color is here, in this rich turquoise presented in shorts, loose tee's and jackets (im finding myself drooling over those turquoise shorts). (Favorite looks below)

  • Alexis Mabille: This collection has to be the most feminine of all the mens collection i had ever seen, but i LOVE IT not because is super feminine but because it reminds of woodstock, Adan & Eve, the creation of the universe, and how a man sometime can be as emotional and sensitive as a women. The bow ties, the suits, the shirts, vest... everything here makes me fall inlove, go to a garden, have fun, enjoy life. (omg im gushing like a little kid). (Favorite looks below).

  • Viktor & Rolf: "We thought of the fourties film star very dressed up, but on the beach. A very unconstructed, relaxed way of formal dressing" - Viktor Horsting. What else can i say?, well this collection a very fun one, i say. All the pieces as the Alixes Mabille show make me smile (by now i dont blame you if you think that i smile with everything). But isnt this collection makes you feel warm and fresh? (Favorite looks below). *Also Laroux was performing live at the show*

  • Jean Paul Gualtier: Marrakesh night at JPG's catwalk. A collection maked for a trip ti North Africa. Had so much cultural and ethnic notes. I loved the striped iconic Jean Paul Gualtier nautical-esqe long sleeved sweater. Also some leather pieces, harem pants, a lot of sand colored pieces, and some sharp shouldered jackets (the black one was my favorite). (Favorite looks below).

Source: http://www.style.com/

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