"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #3"

  • Gucci: Inspiration-"Iconic sixties bohos, the louche-living set that was headed up by the Rolling Stones and the Gettys" -Tim Blanks review from style dot com. Frida Giannini seemed to be traveling thru Gucci's archives as she re-invented the sheen-y silk/mohair suit, the chocolate brown safari suit, rawhide leather jacket, the suede-fronted cardgian, the indian-embroidered denim shirt, the silk jacquard evening jacket. (also from style dot com). Knowing that eveything comes to life modernly and relaxed. (Favorite looks below).

  • Dsquared2: Dean and Dan Caten themme was "American Gigolo". Again am i wrong if i say that i've spotted a short shorts trend? *Yes im right*. Shorts in every color, fabric, cut, silhouette. My favorites were the green shorts presented with the light blue shirt and pink satin jacket. Also from my point of view the designing duo made a formal tux look so casual in such a formal way (dont know if you got that straight), it was effortless-perfection. Also denim was one of the many fabrics used here. (Favorite looks below).

  • Moschino: The collection was short and the looks were casual and i'll dare to say that anybody could find any kind of pieces from this collection at high street stores (Topman, H&M, Zara), not that im saying that the collection wasnt good because i love it and i identify my style with every look (mostly with the first look on the far left in the first picture and the suit with the colored trim). Great down-to-earth, very wearable collection.

  • Alexander McQueen: Sarah Burton who did her debut at A. McQueen with the menswear collection fullfiled the expectations as she stayed true the house aesthetic. Many pieces were "OH-SO-McQUEEN". My favorite piece was the victorian/pirate-esqe blouse with exagerated sleeves and tight cuffs-a piece worth every single $dollar$. (Favorite looks below). *Update: this wasnt as we expected McQueen to be, instead it was a safe choice, but a good one because i think the fashion house is not ready yet to be re-invented into something else. This also was a collection to be predictable, with heritage and archives notes*.

Source: http://www.style.com/


Mauricio Herrerabarría said...

de la de McQueen que no tengo palabras para expresarlo, en verdad si, por ahi hago el post de mi gran decepción :(

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yo digo que fue predecible, dado los acontesimientos era de esperarse una coleccion inspirada en los archives y el heritage de la casa. Also me imagino la precion que Sarah Burton carga.

keren B said...

Me gusto lo chic de Gucci y la alegria de los colores de Dsquared2.
esos pantalones electricos de Moschino mm Los e visto bastante en la calle..

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Sip. no son nada innovadores pero la coleccion no fue del todo mala.