"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #1"

Spring 2011 for us (MENS) have started, ill try to keep you up-dated with everything i love and i hope you-to love it as much i do. Ill be posting only my favorite collections.

  • Trussardi 1911: A collection made of individual expectations. The designer said that he did what he saw, example: he noticed guys wearing unstructured jackets, narrow pants, and rolled up-shirt sleeves. And he made his own verseion. Also he adds leopard print to many pieces, wich i could give an organ for, im loving and trying no to die for that brown leather cross-body messenger bag. REBEL, YOUNG AND FRESH. Favorite looks below.

  • John Varvatos: "Call it soft rock" said GQ's review. And what perfect way to difene it. A very moody color palette consisting on many shades of grey, black, whites and camels. Very light but moody spring. Favorite looks below.

  • Burberry Prorsum: Christopher Bailey did again a trip to the Burberry archives, wich he called "Heritage Biker", as the inspiration was some twientieth-century biker gear disigned by Thomas Burberry. Once you get to know that, the collection makes sence. He also re-invented the classical Burberry trench with military notes. The leather biker jackets some were studded some were fitted, but they all look amazing. "The balance of boyish vulneralbility and men strength is quintessential Bailey" -Tim Blanks from style dot com. Favorite looks below.

  • Dolce and Gabbana: Domenico and Stefano basically did what they do best. They said that there was no inspiration but they celebrated their roots by re-doing and reinventing them into more much timeless pieces. There were shorts everywhere, and well tailored suits. Annie Lenox was singing live, and many iconinc models for the Italian label walked the runway, such as Tony Ward who started in the first mens campaing 20 years ago, also Daivd Gandy, Christian Monzon, among others. (my favorite looks below).

More collections to follow.

Pictures thanks to style dot com.

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