“Alexander McQueen Resort 2011”

To start let me say that i did had high expectations in Sarah Burton at McQueen as she was his left hand (or right, as you want to put it) but then she let me down in some small way. Every time i saw a McQueen collection or show, to be honest I'll dare to say that i got so involved with it that it fulfilled my heart and it made me happy in some sort of way that i still cant express in words. I remember the first time i saw a McQueen fashion show on YouTube, i was about 13 years old (not that I'm old enough), and let me tell you I cried (I'm not kidding, i did cried) as every piece that went down the runway was so unique, so ethereal and so romantic. It was the Spring 2007 collection (the one presented in the Cirque d’Hiver, Paris) and in that moment i fell in love with fashion, and here i am now, writing a post for my blog, a piece of my own heart and soul that I'm giving away so you all can understand me as i try to understand all of you. Well that turned a little bit personal.

Now here are the looks that made me cried during the spring 2007 collection, which was like watching a poem coming to life in a muted but loudly way. (Below)


Now lets talk about the first effort that Sarah Burton did with her resort collection at Alexander McQueen.

The collection itself isn't bad, but we are missing the “WOW” factor we always expected and counted on McQueen to deliver it so we can all be amazed by his vision. Sarah did made used the heritage of the brand adding, of course, her personal touch to the collection that is not bad but.. (God i cant find the words to express how much i miss McQueen).

Below are the looks that did remind me a hint of McQueen.

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00240m 00250m

00260m 00280m

Here is the rest of the collection. (below).

Source: http://www.style.com/

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