“Mads Nørgaard SS 2015: Out Of The Blue.”


Mads Nørgaard Spring 2015
(My Favorites Above)

I’m always thrilled to find out about foreign up and coming designers and the minute I spotted Mads Nørgaard while going through the list of designers showing during Copenhagen Fashion Week my heart skipped a bit.

The simplicity of his clothes balance a grown up comfort with youthful sensibility mixing 90s punk influences and sport motifs.

Also my obsession with denim didn’t help either.

Just watch the runway video below and make your own conclusions.

You can check his website and tumblr to find out more about the designer:

Website: Mads Nørgaard.

Kudos to Mads.

Collage by me.
All Pictures and video Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.


“Cactus Boy”

Isla con palmeras
Isla con palmeras
I’m currently blogging from my bed, guess where?, yes back in Panama. I decided to take a break.
So what are you all, Panamanians, doing? ? ?
A while ago I finally decided to visit Recoleta’s Cultural Center and it was fun, much more than I expected it would be. Also the weather was warm enough for my to just wear a sweater instead of carrying rows and rows of fabric in shape of a coat. It felt like ages since I last wore my parrot jumper.
Thanks Luis for the pictures, you make an awesome bad photographer (kidding)
… I think I might do a mini collection of cotton breezy separates.. Should i?.
We’ll see.
Expect me to be around much more often.
Isla con palmeras
Pictures : Luis De Gouveia.


“Half Way There… Mid Year Christmas Crisis?”




Maybe I’ll end up on the verge of bankruptcy but I feel like I should spend some money on my myself, maybe for my birthday…

Let’s just wait and see how the fuck I’m going to stretch my monthly allowance and get one of these 2 fuckers *scratches head*


if not, hey one at least can dream.


All the pieces you can find them online @ Sneaker Boy


“Alone Time = Museum Meditation”

Sometime one is desperately needing a break from basically and pretty much everything, I call that “Selfish Alone Time"…
and what’s entirely a peaceful place to be with oneself in a quiet environment..? Yup, you got it, a museum… so I ended up spending a bunch of hours at the MALBA just absorbing and enjoying everything.
You at least need to do just that once a month.. or whenever you feel annoyed.
all pictures/collages by me.


“Throwback Tuesday”


Corazón rojo

Corazón rojo


Let’s throw it back.

I’ve been listening to this 3 songs since I woke up today, of course the moody and gloomy weather isn’t helping but let’s just say the vibe is pretty accurate.

Hmm.. maybe I should start posting 3 throwback songs every Tuesday…


source: my head/youtube (because, yeh)