“A tale of two friends…”



Marques Almeida
fall 2013


Distressed denim : Pulgar hacia arriba

                 Camouflage : Pulgar hacia arribaPulgar hacia arriba

             Simple Silhouettes : Pulgar hacia arribaPulgar hacia arribaPulgar hacia arriba


All pictures by Helena Berger for Tourist Magazine.


“Welcome to Delusional Beach”


Brace yourself.


You’ll probably be thinking by the time you’ve started reading my shenanigans “what a nice trip he had to the beach” (hey, they make me think it was indeed a nice trip, don’t judge), but no, it was in fact quite dreadful considering the weather (which was probably as terrible as Hilary Clinton’s sex life) to start. So yes mother nature, I’m complaining. After months of scheduling with my high school buddies “busy” agendas i actually think I deserved some time off of my time off to enjoy the company of the people I care in a place where the sun is supposed to never hide itself behind big fat clouds the size of Momah June, can you “tell my why?” -quoting BSB- can’t I have some time off of my time off at a beach filled with sun rays? Is it too much to ask for?. So if you’re reading this you’ll probably think that I’m a crazy sociopath or that it was a simple case of an “FML” moment… seriously, I’m trying to complain to a bitch who doesn’t even exists (momah natah HOLLAH), either way my feelings are all over the place (thanks for asking) considering the fact that I’m going away to start college in less than a month, in a country I never thought I would end up and who’s culture and market for my career I actually know nothing about, not a single thing… So yes I think I have the right to complain.


I came up with all of this while I was drunk (still at the beach) and proceeded to find the morning after on my phone… and as a “walk of shame” I decided to soberly post it here.

PS: The last 4 hours (of the day I was going back home) of tanning were awesome.


“Caribbean Flavaaah”


Pulgar hacia arriba

In the words of the cover girl, Mrs. Iggy Azalea: “…I've been work work work work working on my shit…”


Thanks to everyone over at Blank for the feature, long time reader over here so it means a lot

Dedos cruzados

Go pick up your copy once it hits newsstands.




“Snow Bunny Beach Babe”


Isla con palmeras Sol Isla con palmeras

Corazón rojo

“Snow Bunny Beach Babe”

That’s how I decided to call Emma Mullholland’s incredibly awesometastic spring 2013 collection.

Resembles a chick dating any of the two guys from Daft Punk.

Nota One More Time – Daft Punk Nota



Collage: Me.
Pictures Source: Style dot Com.