"Lanvin Resort 2011"

Once upon a time when God was bored he took some time to play with some magic and he did this:

  • On the first day he created the light.
  • On the second day God created the atmosphere.
  • On the third day he created water and dry earth, and also made trees, flowers and everything green you could think of, grow.
  • On the fourth day he created the sun, the moon and the gorgeus stars.
  • On the fifth he created the sea and those cute little birds who make us smile during spring and summer time.
  • On the sixth day he created the creatures that would live on earth and then he created the man.
  • On the seventh and last day God put Alber Elbaz as creative director of Lanvin, and we all fashion lovers thank him every day for making that happen.
  • OOOHH and later that day God put on some slippers, turned onn the tv, and started watching Two and Half men, just to rest from all the hard work.

Well Done GOD.

After that, Alber did this collection to amaze us, from every angle, every detail this collection is stunning. This is another way to respresent resort, this collection topped my list of favorites. Sorry Stella McCartney, but dont worry you are my runner up.

As Tavi from Style Rookie "this looks like the kind of collection you'd have to see in real life". I couldnt agree more with her, this collection is drool worthy. (i think you by now are kinda' bored of reading about how much i love this collection and how much gush about it).

Well, here i leave you with my favorite looks:

Pictures thanks to Style dot Com.


Maria Irene said...

me dan ganas de llorar cada vez que veo esto. HERMOOOSOOO TODO

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

sip AWESOMENESS, Mari if we ge to go to paris one day, we'll haunt the lanvin maison like paparazzi's

Mauricio Herrerabarría said...

oye escribes muy bien

te felicito :D

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Gracias, i have my moments.. :D

konshonchloe said...

helllooo buena propuesta eh!!
oyy c me daño mi celuuuuuuuuu tengo que esperar que me den otro que vaina estamos hablandooooo

Olguita R. said...

Great baby! Me encanta...
Vámonos a Paris, para no regresar jamás...

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Olguiiitaaa, yes, lets take the first plane to paris and lets not come back.. ahahha kinda silly cuz who would like to come back from paris. One of my friends from school went to paris, and she cried on her way back, from paris to panama...
Thanks for all your comments