“La Rosa de Guadalupe”


Don’t ask me how i found time to snap some outfit pictures, but i did.

I’m finally, yes it’s obnoxious i know, wearing me.

Hope you all of you guys, readers, show up at Fashion Week Panama in it’s 2012 edition where i’ll be both blogger and up-and-coming designer.

Shirt: Antonio Feuillebois (it feels so weird saying it)
Jeans: Zara.
Shoes: Asos.



“Around the corner, next to candy land, there was a place called Plastic Paradise…”

IMG_2530 copy IMG_2551 copy IMG_2577 copyIMG_2532 copy IMG_2565 copy IMG_2520 copyIMG_2574 copy IMG_2627 copy IMG_2571 copyIMG_2549 copy IMG_2610 copy IMG_2543 copyIMG_2526 copy IMG_2536 copy IMG_2528 copy

Had an awesome time at Melissa’s pop-up-store at Panamericana.

Thanks to Miss Moss and Melissa for the invitation.

Can’t seem to get my feet off those Melissa slippers, comfy as heaven.

(Outfit post soon)