“Happy New Year”

11 Dolce & Gabbana   Alexander McQueen necklace, both form fall 2010   brian atwood gold heel and a christian louboutin sphere bag

Happy New Year, well, literally it’s still not 2011, but i wanted to shout it. It’s been an amazing year. Enjoy what’s left of it. Lulu also sends you her best wishes to. There you have her wearing a Dolce & Gabbana leopard print dress paired with a Christian Louboutin clutch, an Alexander McQueen fall 2010 necklace and gold vintage pumps.

Drawing: me.


“Merry Christmas, Lulu Macaroon…”

9 Vintage John Gallanos

Well, Lulu also wants to send you, reader, a “Have a Merry Little Christmas and Happy Holidays” wishes. She’s off to Paris to celebrate, isn’t she wonderful?. Anyways she’s wearing a gorgeous vintage James Galanos paired with Hervé van der Straeten necklace, a Judith Leiber leopard clutch and some Christian Louboutin wine colored pumps. Also Lulu and i will be taking a short break. So see you the 31 of December.

Drawing: by me.



May you all, my readers, have a lovely Merry little Christmas and may all your Christmas wishes become true. The year is almost over, i can feel it inside of me, or maybe is because it’s really ending. GEEEZ. Well Lulu would be taking off to Paris to celebrate Christmas, we’ll snap a picture of her outfit when she’s ready. Other than that, again, Happy Holidays. Enjoy it.

Pictures: Me.


“Ooh dear Santa i’ve been a nice kid…”


I think 10 eyegasm are enough for the rest of what’s left of 2010.
1. Proenza Schouler PS1 medium leather satchel.
2. See by Chloé Studded leather and velvet lace-up boots.
3. A new pair of reading glasses, nerdy to be specific.
4. A great book to read with the new pair of nerdy reading glasses, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
5. Christian Louboutin Rollerball loafers.
6. Christopher Kane Outer Space sleeveless tee’.
7. Burberry Prorsum Peacoat.
8. Nixon Nomadic Headphones.
9. Balmain Single Breasted Blazer.
10. Cartier Pasha Sea timer Stainless Steel and Rubber Watch.

Source: A *polyvore-blogger* image trick.


“Pre-Fall 2011 Part #1”

Tibi 3Tibi 4Tibi 2Tibi 13.1 Phillim Lim 73.1 Phillim Lim 23.1 Phillim Lim3.1 Phillim Lim 311m03m01m19mDiane Von Furstenberg 1Diane Von Furstenberg 3Diane Von Furstenberg 4Diane Von Furstenberg 5MICHAEL KORS PREFALL 2011 NEW YORK 12/02/10MICHAEL KORS PREFALL 2011 NEW YORK 12/02/10MICHAEL KORS PREFALL 2011 NEW YORK 12/02/10MICHAEL KORS PREFALL 2011 NEW YORK 12/02/10Calvin Klein 2Calvin Klein 1Calvin Klein 3C13mHelmut Lang 2Helmut Lang 3Helmut Lang 1Zero   Maria Cornejo 1Zero   Maria Cornejo 2Zero   Maria Cornejo 3Zero   Maria Cornejo 4Donna KaranDonna KaranDonna KaranDonna KaranBurberry Prorsum 2Burberry Prorsum 7Burberry Prorsum 3Burberry Prorsum 6

My picks for Pre-Fall 2011.
Tibi, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Donna Karan, Burberry Prorsum.
Credit: Style dot Com.