"Movie Friday"

After a very hectic day what you should do? Go out and have fun, drink cocktails with your girlfriends, dance, kiss someone and then leave it hanging alone. But no im my world i rather watch movies with my best friend, eat homemade tacos and have ice cream cones at 10:30 pm. This week, wich i called "the comeback week" wasnt all smiles, we got the exams results and they werent as gorgeus as i expected them to be, but what can i do now (sutdy like a bitch from now on). Whatever, so let's talk about what we (me and my girl) did yesterday. We watched sex and the city (the first movie), laughed or asses off, she loved every single character.
Apart from that, i had issues with my wifi connection (someone must be fired), it came on monday and was gone on tuesday-nightmare in process for a blogger. I couldnt watch the premiere of the Alejandro music video the day it was premiering, instead i had to watch it on wednesday and believe, i L O V E it, it's so raw that it falls into some whole in my head where it will remain forerver. Thats one of those music videos you cant forget after you go to sleep; while almost everyone here hated the video me, my mom and some friends loved it. (yes, my mom loves it), shes say's it represents the strength and delicacy of a women and how sometimes man can be so small, so little and so fragile. Yes my mom said that, she and i, we're soultmates, she understand a bit' of my vision and love for fashion, but at least she's trying. Well im about to go and study a chemestry vocabulary and lets see what i'll post.

(amazing photoshoot with the gorgeus Claudia Schiffer)

More post to follow as the day goes by...

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