“M.A.A.D. City”

NotaTorus – FeelNota



Yes, I’m still committed to giving my skinny jeans a break

(we’ll see about that in 2 months from now).

Well, oh, well, this is the result of what I call my “first successful DIY”, never thought ripping denim could feel so liberating.

And yes these pieces are kind of starting to feel like a uniform, but when something’s comfy… what else can we humans do.


(Sweatshirt: Forever 21. Jeans: GSL. Pony-Skin Slip-Ons: Maria Cher.)


All pictures by me.




NotaCharli XCX – I Want It That WayNota
(cheesy but soo good)



Stomping 2014 with a new silhouette.. skinny everything has always been my go-to choice when it comes to bottoms but lately I’ve been feeling baggy and saggy (not actual sagging), therefore I went on a quest and found this pair of what I call “grandpa” jeans at a local store down here in Colon and just can’t seem to get them off my body.  The fit is slightly oversized and the color is so worn-out-looking, I just couldn’t help myself.  Funny thing is that just yesterday Lou Dalton showed extremely similar jeans and trousers shape-wise for fall 2014.


Oh and excuse my “scruffy” face, it was sooo windy today I had to run for my snap-back twice…


And yes, I want my jeans this way.. (bad pun)


(Snap Back: Zara. Sweatshirt: Forever 21. T-Shirt worn underneath: Fox’s The Beatles. Jeans: GSL. Shoes: Dr Martens.)

All Pictures taken by my own personal Annie Leibovitz: My Mom.