"Menswear Spring 2011 Post #2"

  • D&G: After the tribute Domenico and Stefano paid to their 20 aniversary of their menswear collection, they focused on giving us something fresh and relaxed via this collection wich mostly consisted on summery cotton shirts, printed tees, short shorts, leather jackets, and pastel colored suits. While Dolce & Gabbana gave us classicism, D&G is giving us summer. (Favorite looks below)

  • Roberto Cavalli: I dont know you but i felt a very bohemian-meets-modern vibe, they was an instersting mix of strong prints with solid bright color contrasted with something moody dark colors. Electric blue has become a trend color for this spring, thanks god i went ahead cuz' i got my electric blue shorts. YAAY for me. Also were presented and array of white suits. (Favorite looks below)

  • Prada: "Backstage Miuccia Prada explained that she had wanted everything as simple as possible in terms of fabrication, construction and silhouettess" -Tim Blank from Style dot Com. Well the collection was so very simple but so very chic, no need to add the pops of color (its obvious im inlove with color and during summer time MORE). Slim fitted navy blue suits openned the show, also were presented colored knitted sweathers, baggt shorts (wich i didnt like at all). Simplicity is the key ti be a Prada boy. (Favorite looks below)

  • Jil Sander: Raf Simons had a 5 year aniversary. Bright colors, im inlove with this collection, of course im not that daring to wear a whole outffit like the ones below, i love the colorfull separates, like the orange slim troussers or the mint green ones. Then the floral print shirts came, amazing the sort of graffiti technique Raf used.The inspiration was The Challenge to Nature's own chaotic palette. (Favorite looks below)

  • Calvin Klein Collection: Futuristic cuts, shades of blue, camels, sand, black, leather, and i think tweed (not so sure about it), main highlights of the show. Creative director, Italo Zucchelli, did a contadiction of what he's supoused to do, but in a good way "the collection felt more like a culture slash" - Tim Blanks from style dot com. (Favorite looks below)

Source: http://www.style.com


Olguita R. said...

me gusto mucho D&G me parece tan fresco!! Prada y CK muy moderno, y al mismo tiempo clásico y elegante!!! muy buen post besos

FQ said...

hola! me gusta tu blog y te he adherido a mi pagina de moda ( http://modapty.blogspot.com ), ya tenemos 2 años en esto, por si quisieras ponernos en tu lista de panama blogs.



Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Gracias por los comentarios, gracias Fernanda. Muy bueno tu blog tambien, me encanta.
Besos y para ti tambien Olguie

konshonchloe said...

cool las camisetas de james dean es el un fashion icon !!