I died and gone to gay heaven (just with this movie, and im not saying im gay)-but that was exactly what guy said when he came out of the movie. It wasnt what i expected but i completly love it, since im a FAN. The thing is that i didnt like when Big forgived Carrie super-fast (in like the space of minute since Carrie arrived from Abu Dhabi) and the end happened so fast. Anyways im not a movie critic, on the other hand-the FASHION was amazing, every single look was flawless, specially the one i love the most was the daring choice for Miranda (the low cut, black studded, floor lenght gown) -WICH I COULDNT FIND A BETTER PIC ONLINE. Oh and one the funniest and awesome moments, the GAY WEDDING, when Liza Minelli came out, everyone at the movie theater shouted a big "WOOW" and then laughed. And when she sang single ladies, ooh everyone went head over heels.

Stop my now or you'll be reading a composition. Go watch it and leave here your comments about the movie.


Anonymous said...

I just saw your post cause I love SATC, and I couldn't agree more about Miranda's dress. It's amazing!

LWA (lookwithattitude.blogspot.com)

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Thanks i love your blog, who doesnt SATC, apart from lesbian, oops they love it toooo.. XD