Ok this post might feel a bit corny and out-dated to many of you but i HAVE to post something or maybe just tell you how i feel and think about how inspirational and very weird (in a good way) Lady Gaga is.

I was wathching the interview she made with Alexander Furry from SHOW studio dot com, let me tell i loved the way she answered each and every question Alexander made, in an only way Gaga could.

Alexander said to our girl: "more than any other contemporary musician, your work feels inextricably connected to fashion".
Here i share comments from my favorite and most intersting question from the interview.


1Q. More than any other musician, your work feels inextricably connected to fashion. What function does fashion serve for you? Do you use it to underline your musical themes, or is it another outlet for a different type of creative expression? -Asked by Alexander Furry from London.

1A-Lady Gaga: It's all of the above, but i think is more important on a cultural level. I think fashion and music have always mirror each other as part of a creative context. They cannot be separate. I need fashion for my music, and i need music for my fashion.

2Q. You are such and inspiration, from what you wear to how you sing. But where do you get your inspirtation from? -Asked by Ricky White, New York / among others.

2A-Lady Gaga: From capital HIM. I think there's 2 different kinds of artists. People who need to be plugged into a cultural movement, in music, fashion or the lastest fishing techniques. But i think for some of us - and i would perhaps say the same about my friend Nick Knight - it's a much more innate gift. A much more spiritual experience. We dont have to be plugged into a particular movement to be part of it. It's transcendent, it's an inspiration that we're born with. To be perfectly honest, right now my biggest inspirations are my fans. I feel they subconsciously submit their freedom and love and joy into me. It's almost like we have our own little spiritual connection separete from anything else.

8Q. If you were able to travel through time where would you go - backwards or forwards and why? -Asked by John Galliano, Paris.

8A-Lady Gaga: My first instict is to say to go to the past, because i would love to experience and see all that has influenced and shaped my vocabulary. However, i will decline the past, i would say if i had to choose i would go to the future. The reason is quite selfish: because McQueen used to say, you must never look back, you must always be going forwards. I would go to the future - selfishly - to feed my work and make me a better artist, to create more forward-thinking, innovative, magical and poetic work, like he did.

9Q. Your looks are so extreme. Is this a reaction to something? Are you questioning or altering the status quo of women's style? -Asked by Mario Testino, London.

9A-Lady Gaga: Yes. Yes i am. I am a feminist. I reject wholeheartedly the way we are taught to perceive women. The beauty of women, how a woman should act or behave. Women are strong and fragile. Women are beautiful and ugly. We are soft spoken and loud, all at once. There is something mind-controlling about the way we're taught to view women. My work, both visually and musically, is a rejection of all those things. And most importantly a quest. It's exciting because all of the avant-garde clothing, and musical style and lyrics that at one time was considered shocking or unacceptable are now trendy. Perhaps we can make women's rights trendy. Strenght, feminism, security, the wisdom of the woman. Let's make that trendy.

12Q. Can you describe your style in one word? -Asked by Paulette Wilson, Baltimore, Maryland.

12A-Lady Gaga: FREE.

13Q. What do you like about wearing a hat? -Asked by Phillip Treacy, London.

13A-Lady Gaga: It is a nice barrier. The bigger the better. The more interesting and outrageous the better. For me it keeps the devil away. I always like when i have a hat that's big enough to keep people away at pretentious parties. It's protection. It's a sense of homoe away from home. But what i like about a Phillip Treacy hat is that they're like nobody else's.

15Q. Is there one observation you have made about the zeitgeist that has gotten the most powerful reaction from people? -Asked by Marcus, Sydney.

15A-Lady Gaga: A few. One being the hair bow, and the second being Bad Romance at the end of the Alexander McQueen show, and the the clothing in the video, and that show becoming what is sadly now known to be his crescendo. I wish it wasnt as powerful as it's become. I wouldnt say it was necessarily a zeitgeist moment, it's more destiny.

29Q. Do you ever wish that you weren't famous? -Asked by Star, Pittsburgh, PA./Bryce, Houston, TX.

29A-Lady Gaga: I've always been famous - just nobody knew about it. Fame is on the inside. I guess you can say "THE FAME" is something i've always felt and want my fans to feel. Do i wish i wasnt famous today? NO. I do wish sometimes i had more privacy, but there are sacrifices that you make. The trade off is that if i wasnt famous i wouldnt have my little monsters and i would never give that up for anything.

36Q. Do you believe in God? -Asked by Tatin, Hongkong.

36A-Lady Gaga: YES, and the devil.

53Q. Do you think that the arts can change the future? (for the present that we all seem to be in is certainly not the one i envisaged) -Asked by Daphne Guinness, London.

53A-Lady Gaga: I do, i do think that we can change the future with our voices, and with music and with fashion. And i know why she feels that way. I will say so genuinely and authentically Daphne, whe i met you, you changed my future.

54Q. Im wondering to what extent your style has been influenced by Isabella Blow and Daphne Guinness? I detect not merely more high fashion in your look, but more English flamboyance. -Asked by Cathy Horyn, New York.

54A-Lady Gaga: Isabella and Daphne are 2 genius human beings. Women, Icons, but so much more than that. They are for me a way to look into myself and examine their live and who they are in an effort to understand myself better. Isabella is an enormous inspiration and so is Daphne, and i cherish their lives. I cherish them both, as if we were cut from the same cloth.

So there you go, my favorite questions. She's really a truly icon herself, someone who could turn something so out-dated into something so marvelous, so inspirational and something lust worthy. A truly Star.

Thanks to Nicola Formichetti's blog for the interview.


And if you wanna watcht the interview, heres the link for Show Studio dot com.

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