It feels like forever since I last made a post of an outfit I wore. I took this a while back but never got to post them and then I forgot i had them. Anyways, I found them while searching my computer like a rat for some other pictures. Oh, and it also feels like forever since I last wore a pair of converse.

Hype this look if you here.

Pictures: me.


“FWP 2011. Day Three. Vergara & Vergara Couture.”

This was, by far, the best collection presented during Fashion Week 2011. Hands down, and without a doubt they the Marangoni prize, and it was well deserved. And here I find myself still speechless, so enjoy the pictures I could snap of the show.

Pictures: all taken by me.
Re-touching: Yuan Fan Wu.

*If you want any of this pictures, let me know*