“Remember that project from last post?”


OOH guys, sorry for not posting anything this week, I'm still very tired but instead of laying in bed all day i rather be seated in front of my laptop doing this. Remember the project?.  well here it is. Made this cool t-shirts, one with David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane cd art cover, and one with the one and only Marilyn Monroe. And the glasses, my new geeky glasses, which i found on a Chinese store at the mall, finally. Other news is that today i went to physical to buy the Fashion Week tickets and Marie Claire de la Fontaine (i think i wrote that right) came to me saying “hey i think you should come back for a casting”, and i could barely giggle but i gave her my card and everything, explained her that i am a fashion blogger, and maybe in the future ill say to myself “hey what da' hell, lets give it a shot” to the modeling thing.

At the end, i went to grab some ice cream with my lovely aunt and here i am, back to my little town.



Mauricio Herrerabarría said...

that's one of my favorite flavors :D
along with Cotton Candy and Cheescake

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

im gonna try cotton candy, everybody is telling me to try it!!

Mauricio Herrerabarría said...

it's like .. out of this world
btw c'ya at FWP, I guess you are going to be there the three days, aren't you?

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

im gonna try it then.
Yes, im goitn to the FWP, but not the 3 days.. So see you there the 22 and 23. It would be nice if we, bloggers, came early to take all the front row seats (im completly pulling my vicky b. front row attitude). :D see you there M