“Paris. July 6, 2010.”

Dear You, my lover.

Its 3:45 am in the morning and i cant sleep, so i figured that written you, my love, a letter may help me retrieve my sleep.

I will tell you, here written, what i did today-well yesterday.

To start ill tell how much i enjoyed everything, from walking in the streets of Paris at night, staring at the stars and refuting about how gorgeous the flowers you send over were, to how amazing the Chanel Couture was.

I wont lie, i was excited to meet Coco or Gabrielle as you’ll want to call her, and Karl who is her male reincarnation. Coco and i had to wait fro Karl while he came back from the future, and let me tell you how much i enjoyed sharing words and dialoging with Her. I told her how much i loved all the hard work that went into only a single piece with sequins from the couture collection and how i was blown away by the red sequined dress with floral appliqués, that reminded me of the red roses you gave me on our first date (my cheeks are pale rose by now).

Then when Karl arrived at 10 pm exactly, we blew a few air kisses and shared some hugs in celebration of what you already read above. Karl, with his signature low ponytail and high collar, started talking about the many muses (excluding me, yes you can laugh)) he knows that Coco would love to meet.

The waitress arrived with a bottle of Moet Rosé and a plate full of black, white and pearl colored macaroons (the most sweetest and desirable i ever tasted), Coco lit me  a cigarette. After that we went outside for a walk, enjoying the chilly breeze of a Paris spring night, we talked about how wonderful life is, even Karl told us that he found a male model who did inspires him (Baptiste Giabiconi).

Then Coco waved at her chauffeur-which came really fast, and my dear Karl opened the door for us. The car was gorgeous, very beautiful.

The chauffeur left me in my hotel, which was right behind the Eiffel tower and very close to Chanel’s apartment, at 31 rue  Cambon. We said goodbye and see you soon in a very French way, blowing air kisses one another.

And here i am, sitting on the balcony of my suite enjoying the amazing few of the Eiffel tower, writing you a letter. And yes, it did worked, i regained my sleep so here ill end.


See you soon my love.



(don’t we humans love to dream a little? well, i do. Quite a short story. Inspired by the Chanel Fall 2010 Couture show-next post).


Maria Irene said...

that is quite AMAZING yeah?!
it's beautiful A!

sorry I didn't comment earlier, had some issues over here :)

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Thanks M.