“The dark side of first love: Valentino fall 2010 Couture”

00410m(My favorite look) –above.

Have you ever stopped thinking and stared straight to your deep inner you and asked yourself “Why do we love?”. Well for me this is one of the reasons we, humans, love. Mostly because of the romanticism that comes from within our souls. That romanticism was the first thing i saw as inspiration for this lovely collection which was called by the designers as “The dark side of first Love”, some like Tim Blanks said “…the collection was a major success on its own terms: haute couture for the Twilight generation.”

The collection moves blacks, to powder pink, blush, mint green, silver and whites.

Here are my favorite pieces:

00130m00080m 00010m 00120m 00220m 00150m00310m 00260m


For the whole collection click below.
Valentino Fall 2010 Haute Couture

Source: Style dot Com.

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