“Fashion Week Panama Post #1”

P1010984(Outfit #1: cardigan, plaid shirt and jeans from ZARA. Watch from Skagen. Shoes from Converse. And nerdy glasses from Up-Date store. Outfit #2: Striped long sleeved tee and Faux-leather hi-tops from Zara. Modified Cargo pant from Ralph Lauren kids. Scarf from Pay-Less. Watch from Skagen.)

This is one of those experiences that i wont forget in ages, my first fashion week. It was a dream to me as the fashion loving kid that i am. I'm gonna tell you everything from the beginning. First i woke up Thursday morning with a wide smile on my face because finally something huge in the fashion business in Panama was going to happen in front of my eyes and also because i was going to meet so many people who love, think and feel the same way i feel and think about fashion. At 1:15 p.m the bell rang, i grabbed my bag and literally runned to mummy's car which i jumped inn at 1:20 p.m (yup 5 minutes from my school to like 500 mts away). Reached home at 1:35 p.m (thanks God school’s not that far from home), ate in 5, and got ready in 30 minutes (i still wasn’t sure if i was dressed properly but i liked what i was wearing, nothing to flashy and very comfy). I got to  Atlapa (the place which FWP was held) at 3:45. And i said to myself “finally Antonio, finally you’ll be able to see a runway with your eyes, judge it and comment about it”. Then when Alexa came, i from the inside screamed like a little kid with joy, and she did the same to. She’s the sweetest girl ever. I also met Mauricio H. from Trou Noir, but didn't got the time to known him very well, he was running from left to right. Alexa and I waited in line in which were like very close to the tent. At 5:10 got in with Alexa and grabbed our seats (we couldn't get front row seats because they were reserved). She introduced me to Jose Karlo (who is a local up-and-coming fashion designer), and he joked that i was the Panamanian male version of Tavi from Style Rookie (i felt honored to be compared with one the most amazing minds in Fashion). He also was surprised by how much i know from fashion (I'm not being obnoxious and pretentious, don't get me wrong, that's what he told me). We chatted for a while and then the lights came down, this was the moment i was so awkwardly waiting, the moment in which one of my dreams became reality. The first model walked down the runway, strutting her stuff,  it was magical. At the end of the first set i went outside for something to drink, got a bottle of water and runned inside again. On the second set, i couldn't get the same seats but another wonderful thing happened, i got front row seats, they were empty and i asked for them and gently the guy told me i could grab it. “OOOH YES ANTONIO, YOU’RE FRONT ROW, GO ANTONIO GO ANOTONIO, OH YEAH OH YEAH, YOU GOT THEM YOU GOT THEM”, I said to myself singing. It was wonderful, it was amazing.

On the third and last day (who was the second day for me), i met Mari Irene, another fashion blogger from Panama. Her soft rocker chick meets Erin Wasson style is awesome, i loved everything from her outfit. And she’s so cool, i love her to. At this show, i asked Elias (the PR guy i think) to give us front row seats, and he again gently told he’s assistant “Show them their seats”, Mari and i were super happy, then Jose Karlo came, i introduced him to Mari and we seated next to each other. The last one and the sweetest one came when the show was about to start, Alexa. And she seated next to us. All us, 4 bloggers in front row. It was amazing. The shows here were one the bests. At the end of the 2 sets of show, we all said Goodbye, and almost like shared a hug (mentally). We were sad cuz’ it was the end, but we were also happy cuz’ we all could be there.

And here i am again, seated in front of my laptop, telling and giving you my opinion and what i did. I will make another post about the fashion shows. I'm really really reaaaaaaaally tired, physically.

Here i am with Alexa from So Hot So Me, again who is the sweetest person ever, i just love her. Below.

Mari Irene from Me and my Fashion issues. I instantly loved her personal style, and she's also a gorgeous person. Below.





Maria Irene said...

well dont we look good.

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yes we do :)

Anonymous said...

soo cool!!! i didnt went to the show but i lived it through your words... " Y. G. G. "

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Aww. thanks Anonymous, YES I GO BOY ;)

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Aww. thanks Anonymous, YES I GO BOY ;)