“Franck Sorbier Fall 2010 Couture”

This designer is new for my eyes, i never heard of him before but yesterday in one of those “i-don't-have-nothing-to-do” afternoons i found myself admiring his work, which for my is alluring, its like that Sleepy Hollow movie with Johnny Deep and Christina Ricci. Every piece is enchanting, dark and mysterious just like a haunted forest. My favorite piece was the last look, which you can see here as the last look to. The model was like an angel or ghost?, either it was beautiful.

Here are some looks from the collection.

00030h-2010_07_08_17_24_54_1244808_base00250h-2010_07_08_17_21_56_1007135_base 00130h-2010_07_08_17_23_33_173026_base 00090h-2010_07_08_17_24_06_251548_base 00210h-2010_07_08_17_22_28_22417_base 00370h-2010_07_08_17_20_21_112708_base 00150h-2010_07_08_17_23_18_143204_base 00310h-2010_07_08_17_21_09_508806_base ñlkjh 00390h-2010_07_08_17_20_04_23321_base 00430h-2010_07_08_17_19_31_118022_base


Source: Vogue France dot Com.
For the whole collection click below:
Franck Sorbier Fall 2010 Couture


Maria Irene said...

its kind of Hansel and Gretel in the scene when they are lost in the dark forest don't you think?
I'm so weird.

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yup its just like that, oh my friend, youre not weird, we are just different