“Fashion Week Panama: Pola Thompson”

Simple. Clean. White. Black. Straight. Woods. Turbans. Wedges. Socks. Cords. Shirts. Sheer. Strong. Raw. Shapeless. Cut-outs. Nude. Skirts. Feminine. Shy. Lights. Yoko Ono. High. Neckline. Cropped. Jumpsuits. Skinny. Capes. New. Uncomplicated. Elementary. Bare. Sexy. Rachel Bilson. Unproblematic. Eclectic.  Free.  Undiscriminating. Bob Dylan. Call me –Blondie. Shades. Clouds. Outer-Space. Construction.

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Pictures: My cam.

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G10 said...

Very cool fashion blog you´re doing!!!
Very professional, i have to say...
Keep on making great!!!
And thnx for adding my blog to your list!! hehe...