"What im gonna do this weekend"

A little change of plans, tomorrow ill stay home, enjoy some quality time with my family, and on sunday ill attend that god-dammed Contemporany Art Festival, on tuesday ill check Formosa Vintage Store, i hope i can get a bunch of stuff to wear, im thinking of vintage cardigan, some shirts, a nice pair of skinny pants, a tux' jacket, and sunglasses.

As i said yesterday, my two exams were as easy as drag queen learning how to sing "I will survive", i wish all of you could see my philosophy exam, it consisted of only 4 questions, again, as i said yesterday, the bullshit was written and of course, imma' get a good grade.

Im off to watch some movies, A nightmare on the Elm Street (i love vintage horror films) and The Brothers Grimm (wich i expect to give me some inspiration to find something intersting to post). I dont want this blog to be just celebrities, fashion news, and editorials, but im just starting with this so lets see what time tells.

I found this picture on my fellow blogg/and friend, Mari Irene from http://meandmyfashionissues.blogspot.com/, its Salvador Dali, form 1947, by Philippe Halsman. FREEDOM written all over it, its just so beautyful the way the water is falling and everything is suspended on the air. Such a Great Picture, another one to print and frame it for my room, now i want to do an "Art Corner" on my room.


Ariadna R. said...

I LOVE this picture! Salvador Dali was amazing!

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yes, he was AMAZING.. Thanks for leaving a comment.