"Im Back"

So, after almost a week of not doing any post, im back... believe me, i really missed this shit, apart from my little collection of Vogue's and Fashion TV, nothing here in Colon is Fashionably Accepted. Lately i been listening to french music from the late Edith Piaff, i love "la vie en rose" and "non, je ne regrette rien".
Anyway, for tommorrow i have chemestry and philosophy (its pilosophy, so ill just write bullshit on my exam and ill do great, no need to worry). On chemestry ill be off to a friend house to practice everything.

I found this picture at Fashion Copious, and i adore it.. its so fresh, and so "i-dont-care-whatever-i-wear-ill-look-great-anyway". For me that picture screams "You can throw me anything, but i wont care". Boy ill be off to study my chemestry thing and then ill see if i can print this pic and frame it for my room-wich needs a pop of colour here and there.

Currently on my Playlist:

1. Impossible Love / Bob Marley.

2. Walk on the wild side / Lou Redd & The Velvet Underground.

3. Run / Vampire Weekend.

4. Warwick Avenue / Duffy.

5. Kiss with a Fist / Florence and the Machine.


TheShoeGirl said...

This image is mesmerizing... I love it!

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yes it is, its so fresh and effortless