"So what should i tell you today"

Ill be doing some of my lasts post this week, i got until friday cuz' ill be studying like a library freak. Also im gonna take my free week after exams to attend an Contemporary Art Festival at the Contemporary Art Musseum; and also to check a vintage store, Formosa, that http://meandmyfashionissues.blogspot.com/ told me to check out.. She found a vintage Gianni Versace belt circa 1980's for $25, and a vintage YSL bag for $125, isnt it amazing? Well ill be going to see what i find.

I wore this on saturday, when i went to the mall just to see all the spring stuff from Chanel, i saw those famous clogs, in person they look amazing. I also went to zara, their military inspired is already there, from their fall looks (im gonna lust over several pieces, so lets see what i can get).

(Zara long sleeved tee, jeans, and faux leather hi tops. Vintage hat from the 80's)

(Those clogs look super amazing in person, i almost tell the sales girl to try them for me.)

Currently on my Playlist:

1. Moscas en la casa / Shakira.

2. Walk this Way / Aerosmith.

3. You got the love / Florence and the Machine.

4. Dont stop believing / Lady Gaga Cover.

5. Heroin / The Velvet Underground.

I must be studying by now, so See You in a few days.