"30.5.2010 / What i did today Part #2: Art Festival at the MAC"

So, finally, the MAC art festival. Well today after i woke up i wento to take my sunday morning jogging and then had breakfast, i remember when Nikhail told me he got the Humprheys breakfast (waffles), and i replied that i also had it, but the Brooklyn Humprheys breakfast (made by me pancakes). I had it again today.

To start with the MAC festival, i taked some pics at the Press Room, and then went inside to see the amazing pieces that they have.

This was the inside in the down floor, here were the Romero Brito pieces and some amazing
bronze pieces.

This piece from Pablo Gris is called "Silver", you can see the details from the pic above that i taked, but the background is made from thinfoilf paper, and silver spray paint.

This one is from Juan Raul Diaz Fabrega, called "The Fall", at first i didnt understood it, but it had this amazing meaning for the artist, very deep and personal. The women represent the way he once fell inlove with a girl in higschool and the lines going down mean the route that lead her to his heart. VERY DEEP. So inspirational. (above)

This represents the Invation time here in Panama, the background is made from vintage newspapers of that time, the red color represents the blood of the people who died during that time, and the bomber car represented the war that was going on. From Juan Raul Diaz Fabrega, called "Full Metal".

This was the art piece that reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw, dont know why, but it did. Is called "Flight", by Rafael Barrios Arias.

This piece, from different angles changed color, truly amazing, and defenitly i want this in my room. By Cruz-Diez, called "Adicion Cromatica de Trapecio" (above -can anyone please send a blank check so i can buy every single art piece from this festival, specially The Carrie)

More Pics To Follow.

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