So im off to PTY in a few hours, i really like the outffit im wearing, specially the flipflops as we are in the midle of summer, and here in Panama summer is humid, one of the reasons why i love winter so much.

Last night before i went to sleep i read and article of the Contemporany Art Festival im attending today, the pieces that they have are amazing, one of the pieces reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw. So i also found out that today we have Flea Market on the Old Part of the city, im going to, but is kinda weird, cuz' i love so much going to the mall everytime i go to the city. Well im going anyway.

I found this, in my morning daily blog readings. On instyle mag online they made a slideshow of the best Carrie Bradshaw looks, ill do the post when i get back, i must be getting ready by now, but here is the link:

I love this editorial from I-D summer 2010, they're actually a real life couple, so much pasion going on there. Amazing.

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