"30.5.2010 / Art Festival at the MAC part #2"

This are the rest of the pics i took while there on the MAC art festival. Im off to do my daily Vogue reading.
This one is a Hermes small Kelly bag, god i have eyes for luxury items. Today i spotted a cillion Louis Vuitton's, 3 Chanel's, 1 Jimmy Choo, and 4 Coach bags.

I talked with the artist about this pieces wich are truly amazing, you can be forgiven if you thought that this are actually hand painted glass, bu no, it isnt. The process consists on making a mold, then doing another mold made of plaster, then she cutt little pieces of glass and mixed them to form the colors and shape, then it went to the oven for like an hour at a lot of degrees. And TADAAA this are the results. BEAUTIFUL. By Gladys Sevillano.

First picture of Street style by me, she's a proffesional dancer. Wearing this gorgues teal colored dress, with a beautiful colored belt and a Chanel cuff.

Isnt thi paint exciting?, by Ana Elena Garuz plus Cisco Merel. (above)

Male Dorothy's. by Maria Raquel Cochez in collaboration with Miky Fabrega. (above)

Pop Art, Amazing. by Lu Coxhead.

Very Ethnic, and reminded me of Grace Jones.

This can be translated into one of the Jason Wu pieces from the Spring 2010 Collection, i think, personally. LOVE THIS PAINT. by Bernice Abadi.


Mauricio Herrerabarría said...

ahhhahaha le tomamos foto a la misma
man, fuimos el mismo día, voy a ver si subo mis fotos hoy

Gordo said...

esta muy chevre little w. :) hahah me gusta ;)

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Thanks for the comment GORDO...