“Prada Spring 2011”


I received this collection with mixed reactions, reason why i waited quite a long while to write about it. Itself the whole collection is (for me) a novela called: “The  Adventures of an un-Loved Nurse lost in the Caribbean” (quite a funny title, but that’s how i understood it ). Taking notes from hospital uniforms, a slightly baroque-era (which was present in the shoes), and Josephine Baker, was evident that Miuccia wanted this season to be BOLD. I say that Carmen Miranda and some sort of disturbed innocence were also present in that extraordinary mix of thoughts. An almost comical thing about this collections is how the banana and the monkey prints felt naive and innocent while resembling grandpa’s beach shirts. The refreshing points came from the dropped shoulders (in an inverted “U” shape), the stripped neon colored fur stoles and circular-shaped striped hats, in comparison to last season which was all about curves and the 50’s but still having a hint of the resort collection. Saying all that and praising Miuccia Prada and her unique way to turn what she thinks into clothes, i conclude that this was one of the most exciting collections from this season and one of my personal favorites.

Now let’s watch the “Novela”.

caribbean-2NURSE JACKIEBaker_Bananasum16_baker_001fCarmen MIranda in THE GANG'S ALL HERE (1943), directed by Busby Berkeley.

I think i illustrated my “The Adventures of an un-Loved Nurse in the Caribbean” novela very well. What do you think?.

source: Style Dot Com and Google.
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