“Now i’ve found a whole new respect and admiration for ballet dancers…”

12 Dolce & Gabbana   Judith LeiberLast night Lulu and i decided to watch Black Swan. And the movie was brilliant, amazing, left us speechless. The photography and editing were also another thing that i loved, it evolved you within each minute.The way it psychologically played with our minds was perfect and Natalie Portman’s performance was amazing. And the Rodarte costumes were out of this world. We are still like in mute (Lulu and i). Lulu and i decided that she should wear something feminine, not to short and not revealing. Saying that, we decided it was appropriate to  wear this Dolce & Gabbana floral dress from the fall 2010 collection, paired with  a Judith Leiber heart shaped clutch and leopard print Christian Louboutin heels. When we went out, when the movie ended, Lulu couldn’t stop swirling around and doing some “ballet moves” (she says) and playing with her skirt going in circles. And this is part of my “Iconic-Movies-to-watch-list”. My favorite scene above.
1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
2. Edward Scissorhands.
3. Black Swan.


Drawing: by me.
Pictures: Google (if you own any of this pictures let me know.)
Video: You Tube.

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