“How dummy a human being could be…”

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Sometimes, hell, humans can be soooooo dumb. This weekend Tony Vergara (visit his blog) and i exchanged gifts, he gave this cool book (Fashion Now by Taschen). And what an amazing gift it is. The book itself haves sentimental value, can you believe it’s his first fashion book?. I couldn’t accept it at the beginning but he convinced me so there it is, gently resting beside me in my bed-side table on top of pile of not-so-important-books. The book itself is a compilation of information of different fashion designers from our era. It was really interesting to read and get to know a little bit more about my many sources of inspiration and admiration. If you’re asking yourself about this: “Sometimes, hell, humans can be so dumb…”, it’s because i forgot my camera, yes, dummy me. Anyways, i wanna’ share a hint of the book with everyone out there, so here are a few of my favorite fashion designers, well i think this post would be for people who understand Spanish and are able to read it. Enough talk.

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Those are 10 out of 20, saying that, i’ll give you 10 more in another post.

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