“Chica Chica Boom Chic…”

15 Lanvin   kate spade   christian louboutin

Lulu Macaroon just got back from a trip to Brazil, to be specific, she went to Rio and how couldn’t she not ask me for some Carmen Miranda inspired looks. I didn’t wanted to go literal and make her wear a fruit hat (that’s Anna Dello Russo’s way), we rather decided to make her wear a Kate Spade pineapple clutch with leopard print Christian Louboutin heels and a gorgeous burnt orange colored Lanvin spring 2010 dress. Isn’t she gorgeous?.

Now listen Lulu’s favorite Carmen Miranda Song.

(the best video i could find online)
Sketch: Me.
Video: You Tube.

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keren B said...

Te quedo super. Me gustan tus ilustraciones :)

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Gracias Keren.