“Vintage Polka Dots”

Vintage Bill Blass

 Well, both Lulu and i were really busy (not that doing THIS is a waste of time), she was mostly attending events and i was busy with school, Final Exams, which means that by now i’m completely and entirely FREE, F-R-E-E until next February. So i guess this means that i’ll be blogging more and more. Also it’s December (not that you didn’t knew), i smelled it from the moment i woke up the first of December. Which i actually, a funny story, literally i woke up happy and with a positive aura around me, and then i saw the calendar and said “Of Course i’m like this, It’s already December”. On the other hand, there you have Lulu, wearing a vintage sequined Bill Blass Dress from Decades Inc. with a feathered hem, paired with YSL raspberry colored heels, a Corto Moltedo yellow clutch, a vintage Louis Boulanger art deco belt also from Decades Inc., and an Herve Van Der Straeten necklace. I think she wore that outfit for a dinner or something, i cant remember clearly.

Sketch: Made by Me.


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Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Thanks. Yes, just like you said it, I'M BACK. :)

Andrés Corella said...

Lulu looks awesome!...the waiting was all its worth!