“Is there a ‘normal’ definition for the word “NORMAL”?… I don’t think so.”


In my case or in my personal way of thinking this hideous word doesn’t exists. By definition Normal means someone who conforms to the predominant behavior in a society (thanks Wikipedia). That word -*note and question to you reader, that word doesn't disgust you?*. I’ve witnessed with my eyes how this society (at least the one i’m currently living on) tries so hard to be normal that is completely and totally painful to watch. On why i don’t like that word and why i erased that word out of my vocabulary, simple, because it’s true and actually tested and proved that NO ONE in this amazing blue and green colored ball we all live in, is normal. Most of the time what’s normal for one person is completely and terrifying weird and different to another. Another thing is that, if the concept of that word varies from one human being to another, why do we keep saying “normal”?. Because we need to call others -not-normal's- to feel superior?. If that’s the reason, then this world is really fucked up (sorry for those harsh words). At the end being “weird, different, individual, rare, separate from rest, uncommon, inimitable” is what make us entirely and totally unique. Maybe you’ll think “why should i take advices from a 17 year old kid who haven’t lived long enough to be saying all those words?”, then don’t take it as an advice but take it as a small contribution in order to make this world more unique. I know that by quoting Coco Chanel right now would be too cheesy and corny, but this quote by her really caught me and made me think… “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. The case is that she’s irreplaceable, why?, because she was different.



(Knitted sweater in a Kermit The Frog shade of green, Izod (thrifted); Checked blue and white shirt, Zara; Bow tie from a thrift store.)
Pictures: All by me.


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