“Paris Fashion Week Round-Up Part 3”

Oh who doesn’t loves a Sonia Rykiel show?… The french feministic aesthetic is everywhere from the attitude of the models to the clothes. We know that she’s the queen of knits but i loved more the other pieces presented here. Like the pink/salmon suit that was insanely gorgeous and fun. My favorite look was that, the pink/salmon pantsuit. Anne Valerié Hash collection is so de-preoccupied and so light that i was hard to feel anything but romance from this collection. She said backstage: “You know how you look when you’re in love, that rosy glow?”.  Itself the collection is an ode on how she describes being in love thru the clothes. My favorite look here is the one consisting of the peach blouse plus the rolled up cream/sand colored pants with suspenders. Guillaume Henry’s collection for Carven is as feminine as a bow ribbon. The printed looks were gorgeous. My favorite look has to be to printed half halter half strapless dress with a bow that looks like bunny ears. At Chloe, Hannah MacGibbon’s collection was the epitome of the minimalistic ballerina (i think you all have already heard that a zillion times, but it worth saying it again). My favorite look was the long sleeved top plus sheer shimmering skirt and those super sweet ballet flats. Nina Ricci’s collection by Peter Copping was amazingly and surprisingly fun to watch and super feminine (yet another feminine). At first i was bored by the fact that Oliver Theykens was out of Nina Ricci, i loved his work. But with this collection Peter Copping made me fall for his designs. My favorite look was the dress in pink powder color with neon dashes.

Sonia Rykiel.
 Sonia Rykiel (1)Sonia Rykiel (2)Sonia Rykiel (3)Sonia Rykiel (4)Sonia Rykiel (5)Sonia Rykiel (6)

Anne Valerié Hash.
Anne Valerié Hash (1)Anne Valerié Hash (2)Anne Valerié Hash (3)Anne Valerié Hash (4)Anne Valerié Hash (5)Anne Valerié Hash (6)


Chloe (1)Chloe (2)Chloe (3)Chloe (4)Chloe (5)Chloe (6)

Nina Ricci.
Nina Ricci (1)Nina Ricci (2)Nina Ricci (3)Nina Ricci (4)Nina Ricci (5)Nina Ricci (6)

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