“Paris Fashion Week Round-Part 2”

Moving aside from all the Gothicism from my last round-up, here are the nostalgic and some-kind-of dramatic collections. Starting with John Galliano who presented a show filled with drama. The soft feminine collection with little touches of a bohemian affair. I can’t deny i’m always attracted to whatever John puts on the runway for his label. It’s beautiful how he plays with the hair and makeup and the styling of the clothes, draping from the models body romantically and softly. My favorite look has to be the one Frida Gustavsson wore, that tiered slip-on dress with fringed feathered skirt it’s so romantic it’s impossible not to love it. Making a 360º turn, Junya Watanabe presented something weird and completely simple. From the styling i understood that this collection wasn’t made thinking on an exactly woman, in fact i think is for someone who’s able to shape her style in her way. It was all about stripes, dramatic and nostalgic black and white stripes. I think the bias cut was used here in the drapings. My favorite look is the Nautical inspired dress with slightly stripped collar and stripped leggings, heavenly. At Tao, designer Tao Kurihara showed a romantic surreal collection. I saw Alice, Alice in Wonderland. This is something that she would wear if she stayed in Wonderland forever. The collection was so cute i don’t have enough words to gush about it. My favorite look was the cheer ruffled lace dress. Tsumori Chisato showed me that we don’t have to forget our childhood, in fact it should be present in our daily lifes. The prints reminded me of my kinder garden old drawings. Also it reminded me of the Val's de Strauss (The Blue Danube) by Johannes Strauss. My favorite is… I have none, i loved the entire collection. At Vivienne Westwood. who showed many dresses in a fun and lovely heart shape. The entire collection itself felt refreshing, young, fun and very bold. The prints starting from slightly baroque, polka dots, her trademark plaid in (hidden) corseted dresses, and ending in colorful stripes. My favorite look is the the last one here, with the heart shaped top with the tailored pants. Well those were my comments. Here i end. Another round-up would be posted in while, i’m working on it. Choosing favorites from Paris Fashion Week wasn’t easy. I liked many, maaany, maaaaany collections.

John Galliano.
John Galliano (1)John Galliano (2)John Galliano (3)John Galliano (4)John Galliano (5)John Galliano (6)

Junya Watanabe.
Junya Watanabe (1)Junya Watanabe (2)Junya Watanabe (3)Junya Watanabe (4)Junya Watanabe (5)Junya Watanabe (6)

Tao (1)Tao (2)Tao (3)Tao (4)Tao (5)Tao (6)

Tsumori Chisato.
Tsumori Chisato (1)Tsumori Chisato (2)Tsumori Chisato (3)Tsumori Chisato (4)Tsumori Chisato (5)Tsumori Chisato (6)

Vivienne Westwood.
 Vivienne Westwood (1)Vivienne Westwood (1)Vivienne Westwood (2)Vivienne Westwood (3)Vivienne Westwood (4)Vivienne Westwood (5)

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