“Paris Fashion Week Round-Up Part 1”

There’s always 2 Paris, i guess, when it comes to fashion week. There’s the always romantic-artistically done shows and the edgier, more structured, slightly futuristic and gothic ones. And i’m the kind of person who tries to understand what the designer puts on the runway. At the end it is what he, the designer, wanted us to see, it is his vision. Saying that, i might assure you that i have bipolar tastes. Well to start, not reviewing, but giving you my comments of what i’ve seen shown in Paris for this spring. Let’s start with Ann Demeulemeester, who’s collection was a ode to a sensible super woman. She was wearing all black, showing one arm, she’s strong, but she’s hiding her trueness behind a mask, a see trough mask. Isn’t its inviting?. Moving to Balenciaga, where Nicholas Ghesquière did a great job. What i like about his work is that sometimes is hard to guess what the process on creating each piece was. What i missed here, were the always interesting and almost art-sculpture-like shoes. Rei Kawakubo’s work for Commes des Garçons was amazingly inspiring, the juxtaposition of the fabrics, turned up-side down from 2 different jackets to make just 1 jacket was interesting at a whole spiritual level. The Gothicism was beautifully done here, spreading a fantasy of a disease -i say. The models who walked like Siamese cats, where more like glued twins to me, and THAT whole look with the innocence of a 50’s ordinary shape and with the darkness of the styling, told me that we are connected (as visually and as obvious as it looks) to our inner self's. At Gareth Pug, who’s spring 2011 video is so strong and intense, featuring Kristen Mcmenamy. His work, itself, was strong (again), presenting so many perfectly tailored pants and jackets. It was visually orgasmic. My favorite look was the one consisting of the silver jacket with the black pants. Ricardo Tisci and his long time endlessly love for the obscure and the gothicism is impressively amazing. It’s nothing we haven’t known, but, every season is different and epic. This one was no exception to what i said above. My favorite look was the leopard print gown and the look with the white vest. This collection gives me a slightly feeling to go and listen to Just Like a Prayer – Madonna. Hussein Chalayan was a mixture of what feminine and  androgynous can be. The suit that opened the show and the dresses with flared and tired skirts proved that. At Maison Martin Margiela, while he’s not the designer anymore, his team did a job that the designer could have done perfectly. The structure, the weird tailoring and the interesting and abnormal silhouettes were truly unique and Margiela-Like. I went nutts over the last look, the box-y shaped whatever-it-is and with the sharply cutting blazers. Well this is my first round up, and Paris has shown us a variety of.. well, everything. It’s hard to choose. WOW i wrote some kind of big comment. Enjoy it.

Ann Demeulemeester.
Ann Demeulemeester (1)Ann Demeulemeester (2)Ann Demeulemeester (3)Ann Demeulemeester (4)Ann Demeulemeester (5)Ann Demeulemeester (6)

Baleciaga (1)Baleciaga (2)Baleciaga (3)Baleciaga (4)Baleciaga (5)Baleciaga (6)

Commes des Graçons.
Commes des Garcons (1)Commes des Garcons (2)Commes des Garcons (3)Commes des Garcons (4)Commes des Garcons (5)Commes des Garcons (6)

Gareth Pug.
Gareth Pug (1)Gareth Pug (2)Gareth Pug (3)Gareth Pug (4)Gareth Pug (5)Gareth Pug (6)

Givenchy (1)Givenchy (2)Givenchy (3)Givenchy (4)Givenchy (5)Givenchy (6)

Hussein Chalayan.
Hussein Chalayan (1)Hussein Chalayan (2)Hussein Chalayan (3)Hussein Chalayan (4)Hussein Chalayan (5)Hussein Chalayan (6)

Maison Martin Margiela.
Maison Martin Margiela (1)Maison Martin Margiela (2)Maison Martin Margiela (3)Maison Martin Margiela (4)Maison Martin Margiela (5)Maison Martin Margiela (6)

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