“Urban Souls Festival: 25.9.2010”

It was about 5:15 pm in a gloomy Saturday afternoon when i reached the park where the First (and i hope annual) Urban Souls Festival sponsored by Converse was held. The vibe was very much like a printed image of the Coachella Music Festival (in a good way) in my mind. There were live rock bands playing on stage, people painting garbage cans with cool colors, kids running, there were a lot of vintage-like bohemian jewelry pieces in different stands, graphic design exposition, portraits expositions and many more cool things and stuff. I found Marirene from Me and My Fashion Issues (below there’s a picture of her) at the festival, walking around the park. Also got to chat about fashion with Josse Karlo from Mannequin Superstar (Tumblr, below there’s a picture of him), a thing i enjoyed so much due to the fact that here in Panama is hard to find someone to talk about fashion with. In conclusion it was nice and refreshing to see how much my country is getting involved with all these cultural programs and how they’re supporting our generation, is actually great. Well, here i end because lately I've been in a creativity -when-writing- limbo.

IMG_1103 IMG_1106IMG_1108IMG_1126 IMG_1113IMG_1131 IMG_1119 IMG_1122IMG_1132IMG_1156

All pictures by me, the last one was taken by my one and only talented photographer mother (who i wish had Mario Testino skills). *Sarcasm*

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