“8.9.2010: Sandra Eleta Retrospective”

(Jacket, Gray tee, Skinny Black Pants, Shoes, all from Zara; Scarf from Payless; Glasses from Update store; watch by V.I.P time)

This was unexpected, the fact that i didn't knew who Sandra Eleta was (until now), the matter that i was in town, and the coincidence that i knew at what time this event was going to start, took me as a hit and run slap on the face and i said “okay, let’s go”. It was amazing seeing her work, her retrospective, her compilation of her most favorite pieces, and also as a bonus she presented many pieces that were never shown to the world nor anyone except her and her co-workers. The night started as any other, you enter the museum, get escorted inside, and there you go, free to see and apreciate everything. One of the many things that shocked me was how her work involved  our culture, showing its perfect, polished, side without letting anything out. Also the fact that i’m not from the capital (Panama), but from a little province/state called Colon, which is the mother of one of her compilations, “Portobelo”, which is a little place here in Colon who’s culture is beyond interesting and who’s history is well remarked on our history books. That work (Portobelo) showed a very warm, close to the heart feeling, and as you were moving on to the next Portrait you were transported and immersed into it. That was completely my favorite of all the collection she presented. And other of the most important and not so shocking facts is that she, Sandra Eleta, had a relationship with each person on her Portraits, she knew them. Other works presented were: Las Campesinas (Panamá, 1978); La Servidumbre (España-Panamá, 1975-1989); Emberá, Hijos del Río (Panamá, 1998); Los Abuelos (Panamá, 2001); Cuando los Santon Bajan (Cuba 2004); Por los Caminos de la Piel (Panamá, 2006).

Some of her work:

IMG_0768 (This is from the Portobelo portraits, called: Putulungo y Alma)

(from the Portobelo portraits too, Putulungo el Pulpero)

IMG_0771 (From La Servidumbre portraits, La Platería, Galdys y Rosa)

IMG_0772 (From La Servidumbre, Purita)

IMG_0773 (From Los Emberá portraits, En las Aguas)

IMG_0774IMG_0775 (this is one of my personal favorites, as soon as i saw it, it completely stroked my mind. From Por los Caminos de la Piel portraits, Pajarito)


Pictures all by me.


Mariana said...

I thought I saw you there. Yo estaba ahí ese día. Para la próxima nos presentamos!!

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Perfecto :)