"L'air d'Hermès au Panama"

The process is just like the one presented on the video from above. They repeated the process 30 times with 30 different colors to create one scarf.
And the most important fact was that the scarf they were printing and coloring was inspired by the rich culture of the Kunas (a native community from Panama). I’m proud of being a Panamanian, always.
Also, while there, i met Armando Tony Vergara from
Vergara & Vergara Couture (one of the best shows by far that I've seen on FWP and i became a fan of them), and Gina Prestán from The Gina Prestan Blog


(The video from above is from one of the many presentation they have made around the world, that one is form orange county)
All pictures taken by me.


Mariana said...

El epítome de la elegancia.
Una pieza clásica que toda mujer debe poseer... at some point. Hopefully.

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Exacto. Mejor, no lo pudiste haber dicho M.

Andrés Corella said...

Omg!! yo estuve ahi hace unos dias y me parecio fabuloso, ha sido uno de mis sueños tener un Hermès Scarf...someday xD....aquel inspirado en la cultura Kuna es hermoso, una obra de arte como todo lo que hace Hermès sin lugar a duda. Aqui te dejo el url de mi blog para que lo chekees http://fiercepty.blogspot.com/