“Happy New Year”


Happy New Year to everyone.

Now let’s start 2012 with a ¡¡¡¡B A N G!!!!



“Happy Holidays”


Happy Holidays to everyone.

Hope y’all have a red Christmas.

Naty Chabanenko by Pierre Dal Corso for LoveCat Magazine #3.
Source: FGR.


PS: I’ll be back in a while, going to spend some time off.


“Holiday Wish-List”

WISH LIST 1.0 copia

Even though I’m not a huge Christmas fan, I do love making wish lists, I’ve doing them as far as I can remember.


  1. Comme des Garçons leather pouch.
  2. Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld.
  3. Proenza Schouler knitted sweater.
  4. Cannon EOS Rebel XSi. (This one is quite closer for my to acquire).
  5. And my always desired Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Leather Satchel.

    (One day that bag will be mine).

    Ps: Wish me luck, my prom dance is tomorrow, and my suit is a dream.

    Pictures: Net a Porter, Mr. Porter, Google.


“Rodarte Spring 2012”


Rodarte. Rodarte. Rodarte. This was one of those collections where fashion meets art to it’s maximum level print-wise. The whole idea of using Vicent van Gogh’s paints as prints was pretty interesting since they took them and stamped them into un-conventional yet classic shapes reminiscent of the 50’s prom dresses (one thing I love) levitating down the runway. Then, according to Nicole Phelps, the Mulleavy sisters said that they were also inspired by Disney’s take on the classic fairy tale: “Sleeping Beauty”, a theme that was mostly abstract until Vlada Rolsyakova came out wearing a midnight blue enchanting evening dress with a black sheer tulle overlay embellished with crystals and when Karlie Kloss closed the show in an evening purple gown with a (yes sheer tulle overlays are THE thing) sheer tulle overlay fully embellished with crystals. Crystal pretty much adorned several looks, making the princess-y theme understandable even though it all made sense at the end of the collection. Color-wise the sisters used pretty much elaborated a color palette quoting van Gogh’s greens, purples, and yellow tones.

Not my favorite collection from Rodarte, but I like it, very beautiful collection.


With this post I finish posting my favorites from New York Fashion Week (MBFW).

My cool London gang is on it’s way.

Collages: Yuanfan Wu and I.
Pictures: Elle dot Com.


“This Brazilian almost made me shed a tear”


For his spring 2012 collection, said to be inspired and made from vintage fabrics the designer purchased from a store who was shutting down in Brazil, Herchcovitch presented a rather lady-like, romantic, nostalgic, vintage-y and completely beautiful collection. Filled with embroideries and understated embellishment via same-pattern-embroideries in several pieces, and “shy” floral prints that were attached to each look made my mind travel back in time. It’s more than obvious to mention those baseball New Era caps that were quite out-but-in-of-place (if you know what I mean) when paired with those silk, cotton duchesse satin pieces fully embellished. Bows and flared skirts were quite an ode to the late 40’s early 50’s, along with the slightly art nouveau floral brocades.

Another thing that was playing with my head was trying to figure out which fabrics were the vintage ones and which pieces were re-worked, yet the difference is quite impossible to make through pictures.

I rather not go into making a huge full analysis on why this collection was mere beautiful, and how it almost made me shed a tear because I wouldn’t stop writing. This is one of those collection I will remember for quite a long time. And I’m not exaggerating.510

Collages by me and Yuan Fan Wu.
Pictures: Elle dot Com.


“Why sell cookies when you can just walk in a scout uniform?”

This was one of my favorite collections for Spring 2012. Launched 2 seasons ago, Raf Simons has been hitting all the right notes designing this contemporary minimal diffusion line, maybe with the idea of Jil Sander Navy being the daughter of Jil Sander (it was obvious to say that, right?). The girl scout motif was super evident yet it wasn’t costume-y as it wasn’t taken too far, another thing I noticed was what i call “the abstract sense of some kind of blissful innocent purity” that was radiating from every look, and as i see it, it was the same kind of blissful innocent purity a child can radiate, of course, here translated into clothes. A-line skirts, simple silhouettes, clean lines and an ethereal color palette completed this beautiful collection.

PS: And how cool are those platform shoes?.

Collages: Yuan Fan Wu and me.




Felt like posting this mood board I did for a homework from a Fashion Design Course I’m taking. Actually, can’t wait for school to leave me alone even though I’m already out, I still got a zillion things to post.

Collage: Made by Me.


“Peace is in the air.”

0.1I’ve, personally, been a fan of The Row since the brand started, and seeing the amazing work both, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are doing leaves me speechless. They’ve been getting better and better season after season. The craftsmanship and the amount of work put into each piece is noticeable and admirable yet everything feels fresh and effortless. Very artisanal collection, simply beautiful.

***PS: I’ve been hell busy, I started a Fashion Design and Basic Sewing Course, and I still have some pending stuff with my high school, oooh and I almost forgot to tell you all: last Friday was my last day of High School (pre-paid Chinese torture). That’s the reason why my post are going to be short as well as my comments/reviews of my favorite Spring 2012 collections.

Collages: Yuan Fan Wu.
Pictures: Elle dot Com.