“Why sell cookies when you can just walk in a scout uniform?”

This was one of my favorite collections for Spring 2012. Launched 2 seasons ago, Raf Simons has been hitting all the right notes designing this contemporary minimal diffusion line, maybe with the idea of Jil Sander Navy being the daughter of Jil Sander (it was obvious to say that, right?). The girl scout motif was super evident yet it wasn’t costume-y as it wasn’t taken too far, another thing I noticed was what i call “the abstract sense of some kind of blissful innocent purity” that was radiating from every look, and as i see it, it was the same kind of blissful innocent purity a child can radiate, of course, here translated into clothes. A-line skirts, simple silhouettes, clean lines and an ethereal color palette completed this beautiful collection.

PS: And how cool are those platform shoes?.

Collages: Yuan Fan Wu and me.

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