“Peace is in the air.”

0.1I’ve, personally, been a fan of The Row since the brand started, and seeing the amazing work both, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are doing leaves me speechless. They’ve been getting better and better season after season. The craftsmanship and the amount of work put into each piece is noticeable and admirable yet everything feels fresh and effortless. Very artisanal collection, simply beautiful.

***PS: I’ve been hell busy, I started a Fashion Design and Basic Sewing Course, and I still have some pending stuff with my high school, oooh and I almost forgot to tell you all: last Friday was my last day of High School (pre-paid Chinese torture). That’s the reason why my post are going to be short as well as my comments/reviews of my favorite Spring 2012 collections.

Collages: Yuan Fan Wu.
Pictures: Elle dot Com.

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