“This Brazilian almost made me shed a tear”


For his spring 2012 collection, said to be inspired and made from vintage fabrics the designer purchased from a store who was shutting down in Brazil, Herchcovitch presented a rather lady-like, romantic, nostalgic, vintage-y and completely beautiful collection. Filled with embroideries and understated embellishment via same-pattern-embroideries in several pieces, and “shy” floral prints that were attached to each look made my mind travel back in time. It’s more than obvious to mention those baseball New Era caps that were quite out-but-in-of-place (if you know what I mean) when paired with those silk, cotton duchesse satin pieces fully embellished. Bows and flared skirts were quite an ode to the late 40’s early 50’s, along with the slightly art nouveau floral brocades.

Another thing that was playing with my head was trying to figure out which fabrics were the vintage ones and which pieces were re-worked, yet the difference is quite impossible to make through pictures.

I rather not go into making a huge full analysis on why this collection was mere beautiful, and how it almost made me shed a tear because I wouldn’t stop writing. This is one of those collection I will remember for quite a long time. And I’m not exaggerating.510

Collages by me and Yuan Fan Wu.
Pictures: Elle dot Com.

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