“Witch games that Lolita mermaids played…”

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*Note:Before you start reading, plug in your headphones (or either blast your boom box) and tune Lady by Lenny Kravitz. It’ll make sense at the end of this post.*

For sure I couldn’t pass Christopher Kane’s awesomeness and got away with it. This was one of the coolest, if not the coolest collection presented in London during Fashion Week (more like “Fashion Month”) for Fall 2011. For me, the collection was divided into 3 stages, each one colliding perfectly with the other. The first stage, which I called: “The Cool Granny” consisted on several looks that featured an awesome knitted patterned crochet that reminded me (and how not to) of those creepy blankets Grandma’s made and whose color combinations and patterns scared some of us (and I’m speaking for myself). It was interesting seeing it paired with vinyl/leather (or it is faux leather?) printed with the same pattern as the knitted crochet pieces plus some had plastic trims with an -inside-of- colored substance around the pockets and necklines, which was a “90’s-high school-coolness” staple. Oh Childhood Memories, Oh Childhood Memories *Say it with a very dramatic tone of voice*.

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Here is where the twist was made colliding perfectly with the first stage. This one, the second stage, I’ve called it “The Flirtatious Sixteen Year Old Lolita” (what a title right?), which totally captures the joyfulness, innocence (of course, disturbed), rawness, daring-ness, un-experienced, rebellious attitude of a flirtatious sixteen year old girl and that somehow reminded me of how the hearts and souls of the Lisbon girls (The Virgin Suicides) should’ve looked like. It was a little bit ironic how the substance inside of the plastic trims, the black tulle and the cut-outs managed to give a covered sheer-ness planting a thought of infection from within the body.

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Didn’t the collection looked like a backward retrospective of a childhood?. For me it did. Let’s assume it was Christopher Kane’s childhood. I called this stage: “Kinder Garden Memories”. Mostly because every look felt fun and playful, and because the pastel colored paillettes looked like sew-in smarties (yummy) or mermaid scalps from Peter Pan’s world. Every look had an overdose of those curved plastic trims that were able to infect everything beautifully.This post managed to ironically go hand-in-hand with the Louise Gray’s post, emphasizing that inner child we all buried inside of ourselves.

*Note: See that everything made sense while listening to Lady by Lenny Kravitz.*

Pictures: Style dot Com, and Vogue dot Com.


Andrés Corella said...

Christopher Kane is amazing! This collection was fabulous..and oh I do remember having an item with that plastic trim with the color substance..oh now I feel so old haha

The Black Label

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yes, same here, i even had a notebook. Christopher Kane is awesome.

The Styllustrator said...

Mira qué tal!
No sabia que teniamos nuestro propio Bryan boy en Panama!
La verdad es que me alegro que gente apreciando la moda de buen gusto haga la diferencia en nuestro pequenio pais...

Me presento: Adrian de Banville, 16 anios, francés y panamenio, viviendo en Paris, adoro la moda (sobre todo la haute couture) y hace poco comencé un blog de ilustracion de moda (http://styllustrator.blogspot.com)

Un placer!

The Styllustrator.

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Gracias. Un Placer igual. Me alegro que te guste.