"Macro Fest: Annie Chajin"


For me this was one of the most fun collections presented in Macro Fest.

All pictures by me.

P.S: If you feel that there’s a lack of post, please forgive me. I just changed from Windows to Mac and i’m still trying to understand everything (i’m a back number in a certain way when it comes to technology, yup yup, kooky kid).


Andrés Corella said...

Colorful collection I loved it...Blogger Erika actually bought one the skirts can´t wait to see her rocking it at FWP

The Black Label

Mun2 Moda said...

Excelente...es algo colorido, muy de mi gusto

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Yes, the color palette is awesome. Well, awesome andy, hope to see her skirt at FWP.