“Running around like a clown on purpose…”


I was reading the other day in Blank’s February issue an article Yehuda Berg wrote about how everyone is loosing their inner kids (i believe we have more than 1 kid inside of us, from the most angsty to the most cheerful and happy) and leaving childhood illusions hidden under a heavy and dark rock, which i believe is one of the main issues why teenagers and kids worry so much about growing up fast, and adults too think they’re to old and “mature” *ppuffffs* to watch cartoons or grab crayons and start coloring something or do silly things, that they’re leaving behind a phase that will create the bases of their lifes in the case of teenagers and kids… don’t think i’m a kooky grandpa’, i’m a 17 year old kid with an old soul. And i’m getting a little bit out of the hood here. Anyways, that article reminded me so much of  Louise Gray most recent collection which collides perfectly with the article, almost ironic, but then those are “universe issues”, call it a weird coincidence. Louise, Louise, oh Louise Gray. This collection makes my heart melt of happiness, every single look and every single piece were perfectly made and very well put together. Prints were all over the collection, tartan was the foundation with a pixelated print layered over it in bright colors over it, origami folds, raw edges, eye-popping metallic's, half polka-dot half-metallic colored/printed knee high boots, heavy knitted pieces, Jeff Koon-esqe headpieces and that amazing cocoon-shaped coat which i decided to call “The Stitch” coat (it reminds me of Stitch of Lilo & Stitch). The collection, itself had a childish satire and irony-ish feeling oozing from every piece, which was for me, a shout to everyone who thinks is too serious and “mature”.

*Note: listen I Want Candy from the Strangeloves, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun from Cyndi Lauper or We Are Golden from Mika, to read this post and you’ll get what i mean.*


Pictures: Vogue Paris, Teen Creeps Tumblr.


Andrés Corella said...

I remember reading that article too..and yeah I also do believe we shouldn´t let our inner child off...The older we get sometimes we tend to not appreciate the smaller little silly things in life that we did when we were kids...and routine, and work and stress kinda makes us skip the sutile joys in life and in ourselves...The collection is just fun and awesome haha Love the "Stitch" coat...And I love every single of those songs!

The Black Label

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

You're complete right. Thanks for the comment.

Seventh Of July said...

Love all the colors! Great blog :)