“BING, BANG, BOOM: A 60’S Hoola-Hoop…”


I always praise fashion designers from everywhere except from my little hometown, Panama. We don’t have the most exciting fashion culture and media, neither well-renowned fashion designers, but we still have a few of them who create magnificent stuff, so let’s praise them. You’ll be asking by now, “What does the pictures from above have to do with what i’m saying?” well, wait I always had and always will have a thing for anything i label as “disturbed innocence”. Now, Arlene Torrijos presented back in december a mini-collection (see the pictures from above and below, that’s how i illustrated the collection up in weird mind) that portrayed, for me, some kind of disturbed innocence, lolitas, childish behavior and a reckless romance. I imagined Twiggy, Eddie Sedgwick, Pattie Boyd, Ingrid Boulting, Penelope Tree and many others, partying, swirling around and bouncing, to the music of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Janis Joplin, in a room from the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, wearing pieces from this collection. The color palette consisted mostly of pale and pastel colors (bone whites, burnt oranges, lavenders, peaches and pale blues) with a few pops of aqua blue here and there (via the silk brocade playsuit and baby doll dress). Another fact that was visually clear and appealing at a first glance was the balance in the styling of the pieces, it was almost like the models and the clothes were flirting with our eyes. My favorite piece was the brocade dress and the lantern-flower shape it had. Visit her blog and contact her if you’re interested in pieces from this collection.



Pictures: Dario Moreno. Tumblr, Flickr, and Google. (If you happen to own any of the pictures from above, please let know).

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