“Maybe i’m a freak, but i have this thingy thing for flowers as a theory on how fashion develops…”


The title of this post almost says everything but let’s explain it. Me and my weirdly disturbed mind have this weird theory about flowers as a phase on how fashion developed into what its now. Mostly because a flower takes an specific time to grow, to fully bloom, and to then, close it self to the world and die. Inside my twisted head there’s a symbiosis between those 2 topics. Much of it is a comparison. We know that flowers start as a seed, originally from the plant where she’s going to be born; fashion starts by the smallest amount of thought and the highest amount of effort that’s put into it (very much on the many struggles that that little seed haves to past to become a plant and then give birth to the flower); we also know that the process where the plant grows slowly and firmly is endlessly inspiring, as the plant is growing is also showing and creating a position and a space by itself (i know it sounds like one of those “Self-Help” books…), that’s very much where the many phases or minds or multiple personalities (i reached that conclusion to, designers do not own 1, and just 1 mind, but i can’t confirm it) of the designers enters here as the gardener of an idea that is only known by them and that will, actually, grow and burst when its the right time. And then when the ideas are placed together, then, there’s where the little bag that contains the flower starts to grow bigger and bigger. It’s a journey almost. When that flower has done the specific assignment or purpose of her birth, she slowly closes to the world to make room for another flower, becoming a cycle, an endlessly and unbreakable cycle. The only thing that stays through the years is the image or the almost forgotten memory of the existence of that flower. Timeless, i guess. I know everything sounds like a tale, or maybe it’s only me. Call me crazy, but at the end it’s just a theory that started like a thought inside my head while on my math class. You make your own conclusion.


Picture: The first one i Googled it, and the second one i took
it while in one of those lazy and boring sunny afternoons.


“And we got into this mood….”

  Jason Wu spring 2011

And after some insomnia filled nights Lulu and i watched the first whole season of Sex And The City, we got carried away with the Carrie feeling and it left us with many ideas for outfits. This one is one of them.  She’s wearing several pieces from the Jason Wu spring 2011 collection, YSL heels, Maison Martin Margiela clutch, Chanel sunglasses and vintage Yves Saint Laurent jewelry.

jason wu 3jason wu 4jason wuCC-142

Sketch: By me.
Style dot Com and Decades Inc Blog.


“Cowboy me?…”


(Chevron blazer, skinny blue jeans, denim shirt, black suede shoes; all from Zara. Nerdy Glasses; Up Date Store. Tie; DIY/Vintage.)

Turned my mother’s old owl robe belt into a “cowboy” tie, fooling around.

On my playlist:

  1. Nina Simone – Feeling Good.
  2. Norah Jones – Beautiful Friendship.
  3. Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Sky.
  4. Duffy – Rain on your Parade.
  5. Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved.
  6. Dido – Don’t Leave Home.
  7. Miles Davis and John Coltrane – My Funny Valentine.
  8. Danny Elfman – The Ice Dance (Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack)
  9. The Cure – Plainsong.
  10. Chopin – Nocturne.


“Lulu Macaroon went for a walk last Saturday….”

Moschino Cheap and Chic resort 2011

Well, we finally found the perfect colorful dress to match her Versace ankle boots she bought while on her last trips to Milan. Thank You Rosella Jardini for this Moschino Cheap & Chic Resort 2011 lovely dress. She also carried around this Alexander McQueen clutch which she have been wearing lately while running errands.


Sketch: By me.
Picture: Style dot Com.


“And he told me “I Love You’’…”


BAE605V by Sandra Freij for Motley Magazine.

Source: FGR.
Storm/Thunder Picture from Google (i think).


“Well, i made up my mind and changed my thoughts and finally decided to write about the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 collection…”

Imagen (23) Well, i went back and forth about this collection many times. I’ve tried to find the smallest detail that would change my mind about this collection just to force myself not to like it. But this collection is actually fine, and perfect, and magnificent to be Sarah Burton’s first collection as creative director of the brand (putting aside the resort 2011 collection). Everything is said to be handcrafted and the final work, the finished product is beautifully crafted, this is the kind of prêt-a-porter that is almost and very closely to be couture. After the many researches that i’ve made, i noticed that the symbiosis between Sarah and Lee Alexander McQueen is incredible, she understands him like no one else (obviously, excluding the late Isabella Blow). It was clearly and visually obvious that she took many aspects characteriscally of McQueen’s previous collections and made them work for this spiritual, earthy, free minded collection. I’ve reached to the conclusion that it was me, i was forcing myself not to like this collection, maybe because i wasn’t over with the fact that we won’t have more of McQueen’s twisted mind resplendent work, but as time went by from the 5th of October of 2010, when the collection was presented during Paris Fashion Week, to today’s date, the 5th of November 2010, a month later, i’ve changed my mind to the point of hearing me say that this was an excellent collection and that Sarah Burton is amazing, if not, perfect for the position she’s been given.

Runway video:

Complete Collection:



Sketch: by me.
Picture Source: Style dot Com.
Video: You Tube.