“Lulu Macaroon says: HAPPY FLAG DAY PANAMA.”

Moschino spring 2011

She just said it all. Well, as for me, i can tell you what she’s wearing. A Moschino spring 2011 skirt (she’s a lucky girl), YSL blue Mohawk heels, a vintage Hermès bag, vintage YSL cuff, and vintage YSL necklace. All the vintage accessories are from Decades inc (even a luckier girl). And this time she brushed her hair, as i told her to.

Moschino (1)

Sketch: By Me.
Source: Style dot com. and Decades Inc.


Maria Irene said...

nice, Lulu Macaroon tiene los zapatos de mis sueños

Ariadna R. said...

me encanta el dibujo!

Anonymous said...

creo q soy fan de lulu...te felicito exlente idea.

Antonio Emanuele Feuillebois said...

Gracias por los comentarios.
Armando, YaaY, Lulu says Mercì.
Ariadna, gracias.
M. Those heels are amazing.


buenos shoes lulu!!